I contacted a lawyer to help me obtain work authorization/green card, in the middle of the process I was arrested at my place of wok and placed on deportation. As a result of this, the lawyer said it was no longer possible to continue with the initial process because there was nothing he could do anymore at this stage and he also advised me not to seek further legal consultation regarding my documentation as this would be a rip off because there was nothing to be done. Someone brought me to BIBLE CHURCH OF RECONCILIATION and I met with Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju and she laid hands on the same documents the lawyer said there’s no hope for and prayed with me and assured me that God will do it. To God be the glory when I got my work authorization, I went to show it to the lawyer and he said it was a fake, by the time I got my green card, he couldn’t believe his eyes. And today to the glory of God, I am a US Citizen.




I was diagnosed with cancer 4years ago. I didn’t share the bad news with any of my children. I prayed and used the anointing oil given to me in Church (BIBLE CHURCH OF RECONCILIATION) continuously while waiting on the Lord. I refused to go for chemotherapy or radiation. I called on the God of Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju for miracle each time I pray. This year I went for another test and when I got the result, it came out negative, I’m cancer free. Glory be to God.




I have been looking for the fruit of the womb for years. I have attended various churches, all proved futile. Then a member of BIBLE CHURCH OF RECONCILIATION invited me to one of their services that the church is a baby factory. In the first month of my attending the church, I met with Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju, she prayed for me and indeed God did it.




After a church service, I got a message that my mother has been diagnosed with Glaucoma. I know I could not afford the money for the surgery so I activated my faith and I asked my mother to do exactly what I do and say what I say. I took my anointing oil and I rubbed it on my eyes and I called on the God of Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju. As I was rubbing my eyes with the anointing oil here in Chicago, my mother was rubbing her eyes with anointing oil in Nigeria. To God be the glory, when my mother went back for the test, the glaucoma was gone. She was healed completely




I have been living in America for 28 years without being a legal resident. My application had been denied a couple of times. So I challenged God that if my spiritual mother Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju did not go for interview before getting her green card, I do not want to go for interview before getting mine too. I brought my documents for Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju to pray on it. She laid hands on it and she told me that no documents will be asked from me again. They received the documentation on 01/25/2016 and mailed my permanent residence on 02/06/2016 without me going for interview. Indeed God answers prayers. Glory be to God.




In 2011, I was diagnosed with fibroid tumor and told I will not be able to have a child of my own. I was told my uterus was the size of a football and it should only be a size of a quarter. I told my husband-to-be at that time the situation and he said God will take control. In February 2013, I became pregnant. I had some bleeding so I went to the emergency room. The doctor was skeptical when I said I was pregnant because of the size of the tumor. The doctor then told me that I had a blighted ovum (an egg formed but no baby inside) and that I would have a miscarriage. I went to my pastor (Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju) and I gave her the news. She said my doctor does not know what he is talking about and that I am pregnant. I was expecting a lengthy prayer due to the situation but she only did a short prayer. On going back to the doctor, I did an ultrasound which confirmed that my baby was alive, the doctors were shocked and filled with surprise because the last time I did an ultrasound, all they saw was a tumor, but this time, they could see a baby. By the grace of God, I am now blessed with two children.




My daughter and my grandson (Damola) were involved in an accident as a result of the car spinning out of control due to the blizzard. My grandson on stepping out of the car fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, he was intubated (he was put on life support) as he was no longer breathing at this time. The doctors and nurses said there was nothing they could do anymore. We then called Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju after three days of my grandson being unconscious and showing no sign of recovery. She prayed with us and told us to use the anointing oil and mantle and she said that by Wednesday Damola will come back to life and be discharged. On Wednesday morning, it looked like nothing would happen because he was still unconscious. But by 1:00pm, to the glory of God, my grandson (Damola) gained consciousness and was discharged. The doctors were shocked and had no medical explanation for what had just happened.




I had my first child and lost him because he had holes in his heart (a condition known as Atrial Septal Defect). When I had my second baby, he was diagnosed with the same condition and could not breathe and feed properly. He was fed through a tube. The doctor said he had to go for an emergency surgery a second time for him to survive. At this point, my sister brought me to Bible Church of Reconciliation to meet with Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju. She prayed a short prayer with me and told me no more surgery and gave me anointing oil to put on my Son’s mouth everyday. This anointing oil was the only thing my son (Jeffrey) took by mouth for 6months as he was on feeding tube. The next time we went for a medical check up and they did a test on him, the doctor confirmed that was starting to close up. The doctor had no explanation for this. Indeed the God of Bible Church of Reconciliation did it for me. Now the holes have completely closed up, my boy can breathe and feed properly without the use of any tube.




We were believing God for a new building and we had $0 in our account. When we saw a 5-acre property that we liked, we approached the seller and we started negotiation, he told us other churches had offered him $500,00-$750,000 which he turned down. He asked how much we were willing to pay and we told him we had $50,000. He walked away in anger and said we are not ready. We went to the property and prayed and possessed the land using Joshua 1:3. He later came back and said he would sell for $500,000, still above our budget, we insisted on paying $50,000 and kept on praying. After intensive prayer, he agreed and sold the property to us for $50,000. He sold a plot to us for $50,000 and donated the rest to the church. He cried the day the purchase was finalized because years back he brought someone from Italy to come and design the windows of the building and the person told him he only designed for churches but he insisted on the person coming to design it anyway. And after all these years, indeed a church is buying the property worth a million dollars for just $50,000.




After acquiring the property, we depended on banks for loan to renovate the building from being a burnt down restaurant to a church. All applications to various banks were denied. One of the bank managers told us “we have no reason not to give you this loan because you have the right paperwork to be approved but for some reasons, we can’t get you approved.” And she said “Pastor Beatrice, maybe God is telling you something.” So we went back to praying and indeed God spoke that the building that the building will be mortgage-free. It seemed so impossible at the time. We went to apply for another loan, we went to the Mayor of the city of Harvey. We went to his own bank but we were denied again. At this point, we resulted to holding God to His own word that the building will be mortgage free. One of the banks told us we needed over $600,000 to renovate the building and we had no money in the account but we started work on the property anyway and it was finished. How we finished it, we do not know. To God be the glory, today we hold our services there (16299 Wallace Street, Harvey, Illinois. 60426).




Before we joined Bible Church of Reconciliation, things were not working out for us financially. We had no house, no jobs, then somebody introduced us to Bible Church of Reconciliation and we met with pastor Beatrice Arowolaju. Things were still not working for us but she kept on praying with us. I remember there were times we wouldn’t have money to buy gas. The person that brought us to the church told us to leave but we had our conviction to stay. Suddenly we experienced a turn around and now to the glory of God we have our own businesses and live in a mansion.




I have been married for over twenty years without conceiving. I have been to various churches, various clinics, all proved futile. Someone introduced me to Bible Church of Reconciliation. I met with Pastor Beatrice Arowolaju who on every occasion prayed for me and encouraged me that I will one day carry my own child. I trusted in God and believed in the word of the Pastor. To the glory of God, I now have a beautiful baby girl after over 20 years of waiting.



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